5 MILLION SPECIAL - Q&A, Workout Quiz & Funny Comments, Dennis prepared a video for us / Pamela Reif

I couldn't be more grateful to have such a fit & motivated community!
It's my pleasure to be your online training buddy! The last couple of months have been simply amazing and I just wanted to tell you: THANK YOU + I LOVE YOU ♥︎ Can't wait for more sweat, more sore muscles & more happy faces!

Q&A: 00:49 - 2:40
Workout Quiz (for hardcore fans): 2:41 - 9:28
Dennis picked some of your best comments: 9:29 - 12:16

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  1. Olivia Suhendra

    Olivia Suhendra

    19 ore fa

    My favorite workout is everything but your worst video i feel like its a chair workout i love everything i love you Pamela Reif

  2. Chandrima Moitra

    Chandrima Moitra

    Giorno fa




    2 giorni fa


  4. Sniggi


    3 giorni fa

    not even 6 months later, she has another 1 million subs; well done pam we love youu

  5. Tatiana Kubaska

    Tatiana Kubaska

    4 giorni fa

    I like Pamela reif ☺️

  6. Pauline —

    Pauline —

    5 giorni fa

    Man hört ganz leicht ihren deutschen Dialekt raus 😂

  7. Adela Palacean

    Adela Palacean

    6 giorni fa

    Hi,Pamela! Your voce its wonderful! I try the Pam App,and I'm so happy!

  8. Marta Loubet

    Marta Loubet

    7 giorni fa

    I LOVE THE 8 MINS JASON WORKOUT! eheh you're the best pam

  9. caekiie


    7 giorni fa

    1:40 *”boutie”* I LOVE HER ACCENT

  10. Sophia Mree

    Sophia Mree

    7 giorni fa

    Is it just me or this is the first time I hear her voice? I’m thankful for no talking in the workout video tho. It gets annoying sometimes.

  11. Sina König

    Sina König

    8 giorni fa

    I love her so much❤️

  12. Sina König

    Sina König

    8 giorni fa

    Me while watching her videos: 😄😂she makes me so happy❤️

  13. Sina König

    Sina König

    8 giorni fa

    I see her face every day for 45 Min and she make me every day so happy🥰

  14. M O C

    M O C

    9 giorni fa

    I was doing some of your videos, and just assumed you were american. No idea you were german.

  15. Erik Sosa

    Erik Sosa

    10 giorni fa

    Pamela is so cute

  16. Kyrrichan


    10 giorni fa

    Okay so I just joined your channel and wanted to get to know you before you make me sweat. Now I already love you :D This will be fun ^^ (and sweat lol)

  17. Emilia Weins

    Emilia Weins

    12 giorni fa

    That’s my favorite video from all of yours

  18. Светлана Онищенко

    Светлана Онищенко

    15 giorni fa

    Thank you Pamela for your videos! I do exercises with you every day for 30 minutes. I like short videos of 10 and 15 minutes and I combine them. Sometimes it's hard, but I see the result! Good luck! 🤩💕🌞🌸👍

  19. It's only me

    It's only me

    15 giorni fa

    Are you german or other?

    • Maggie


      15 giorni fa

      yes she is

  20. LS


    17 giorni fa

    Love from Czech republic♡

  21. Ev


    18 giorni fa

    Wer kommt auch aus Deutschland?

  22. Kimberly呀


    18 giorni fa

    I literally thought the last song is for the break😂😂

  23. z ak

    z ak

    19 giorni fa


  24. sanjana sreenivas

    sanjana sreenivas

    20 giorni fa

    Dear you are a god's gift. We love you❤️

  25. Rita Morgan

    Rita Morgan

    22 giorni fa

    I love how you say booty😂



    22 giorni fa

    I had depression for two years then quarantine comes i almost get crazy until i saw pamela workout videos she saved my life and my mental health im doing great now cuz i workout with her i feel better thank you pamela i hope you get every thing you want and you wich love you 😍

  27. Luisa Suarez

    Luisa Suarez

    22 giorni fa

    12:05 can we just appreciate how cute she is?!🥺🥺actually the whole time...and what an adorable sibling bond they have?!😤❤️

  28. Megan Walls

    Megan Walls

    22 giorni fa

    HI PAMELA, YOU PROBably cant see this but if you can, i want to tell you how amazing you are. before i started your work out i was verry over weigt now i am thin

  29. John Doe

    John Doe

    23 giorni fa

    Are you German?

    • Muska Layla

      Muska Layla

      22 giorni fa

      John Doe yes she is

  30. Anni star

    Anni star

    24 giorni fa

    now: 6 millions, lol

  31. Saleha Isa

    Saleha Isa

    24 giorni fa

    Thank you so much Pamela recently discovered your workouts xx

  32. lmp.W_you


    25 giorni fa

    Lol 2 months later you got 6 Million Subscribers

  33. Eisblatt Tonks

    Eisblatt Tonks

    26 giorni fa

    I had no idea that she's German until now xD

  34. Elena


    26 giorni fa

    And 3 months later, she reached 6 million, wow.

  35. Grace Natalya

    Grace Natalya

    26 giorni fa

    honestly like your workouts - love a great sweat!! thank you

  36. Arianna Noorzai

    Arianna Noorzai

    27 giorni fa

    I love 10 min abs also, i do it almost everday!

  37. Arianna Noorzai

    Arianna Noorzai

    27 giorni fa

    6 million now

  38. pop cat :l

    pop cat :l

    27 giorni fa

    I didnt know she was a german fitness model!!! that's awesome and she is really pretty

  39. Anna Hazel

    Anna Hazel

    27 giorni fa

    Who the eff is Dennis?

  40. Barbora - B - Nečasová

    Barbora - B - Nečasová

    27 giorni fa

    Please next special !!!!

  41. keyli samantha uwu

    keyli samantha uwu

    27 giorni fa

    Lol You grow so fast 6 million ! luv u

  42. Larposter


    27 giorni fa


  43. Robin Hood

    Robin Hood

    28 giorni fa


  44. Peiwen Luo

    Peiwen Luo

    28 giorni fa

    omg you re so cutee :33

  45. izzy says hey

    izzy says hey

    28 giorni fa

    Pam: "you still did so much better than all the other people not doing anything for their fitness" Me: *lying on my bed eating ice cream while watching this video thinking i gotta catch up*

  46. Michael Matthews

    Michael Matthews

    28 giorni fa

    I love your videos so much fun

  47. Mallika Saha

    Mallika Saha

    28 giorni fa

    Can you please tell how to engage core I cannot engage it properly so, I think I'm not able to get the proper results

  48. matzofant


    29 giorni fa

    Boring, a sitting session

  49. Micha


    Mese fa

    Hey Common, where you're from? "lets schtart" sonds not really native speaker English, ore not? Sounds lile, your from Saxony😁

  50. Jukia


    Mese fa

    Can you speak german

    • rochelle


      28 giorni fa

      Ja sie ist deutsch

  51. Lara Elisa

    Lara Elisa

    Mese fa

    It is so crazy how she have like two months later nearly 5.95 Milion Follower. INSANE

    • Mora Dory

      Mora Dory

      Mese fa

      Searched for that comment😁

  52. 요티피칼문라잇카우


    Mese fa

    First time seeing her talk

  53. Karolína Hájková

    Karolína Hájková

    Mese fa

    Nearly you going to do 6 milion special video 🤩 it’s amazing

  54. MOTstudios Superstar

    MOTstudios Superstar

    Mese fa

    1000 x me?

  55. Sali Zeina

    Sali Zeina

    Mese fa

    OMG you are so beutyful and i LIKE all your videos!

  56. Colin


    Mese fa

    Wonderful tough...but worth it. Thanks very much

  57. Bülent Dogan

    Bülent Dogan

    Mese fa

    I Need a think.... So süß und sooooo jung...

  58. Paige Z

    Paige Z

    Mese fa

    The last comment got me cracking up!

  59. loyz tem

    loyz tem

    Mese fa

    We are all fearfully , wonderfully made in the Image of God( psalm 139:14). God spent good time on each and every one of you! ❤️

  60. loyz tem

    loyz tem

    Mese fa

    you’re so talented and beautiful, God Bless🥰

  61. Laura Brown

    Laura Brown

    Mese fa

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  62. Jude Mendoza

    Jude Mendoza

    Mese fa


  63. Yen Yung

    Yen Yung

    Mese fa

    Who is same like me looking at the shooking hair all the time her hair is just soooooo much

  64. Max Berger

    Max Berger

    Mese fa

    At Nr.5 I was like "never heard before.. has to be the chair workout" hahaha

  65. Digital Sofia

    Digital Sofia

    Mese fa

    You guys are the dream team ❤️

    • rochelle


      28 giorni fa

      They’re brother and sister

  66. Ajapso


    Mese fa

    Hey Parmela, Kannst du auch mal ein Video auf Deutsch machen? Also ein Q&A oder so?

  67. Olivia Boca

    Olivia Boca

    Mese fa

    Where are you from. Love your vids

    • rochelle


      28 giorni fa


  68. Alejandro nogueerol

    Alejandro nogueerol

    Mese fa

    She is so strong- literaly strong asf how can she workout like that

  69. Ghada Mh

    Ghada Mh

    Mese fa

    Congratulations Pam ❤️

  70. Sarah Huber

    Sarah Huber

    Mese fa

    Kannst du mal ein Deutsches Video machen hihi

  71. Kiana Maillet

    Kiana Maillet

    Mese fa

    5:17-5:20 precious

  72. K Abd

    K Abd

    Mese fa

    Please do 50minute work out🙏🙏💪💪💪

  73. Hanna M

    Hanna M

    Mese fa

    0:44 let's schtart 😂😂

    • Svenja Grund

      Svenja Grund

      Mese fa

      German is a wonderful language

  74. Bülent Dogan

    Bülent Dogan

    Mese fa

    Dennis isch der beschte.. Ist dir das wichtig,was ich über dich denke,muss nicht... Brauch die privaten Einblicke net,du bist wundervoll,ihr seit wundervoll... Versteh immer noch net, was hier los ist,nur Intuition...

  75. Eleni Gkoraki

    Eleni Gkoraki

    Mese fa

    4/8 not bad

  76. Charlotte Fend

    Charlotte Fend

    Mese fa

    Bin ich die einzige die sich fragt ob sie auch deutsch spricht? 😂

    • Charlotte Fend

      Charlotte Fend

      Mese fa

      Oh ok danke

    • Hanna M

      Hanna M

      Mese fa

      Ja sie spricht deutsch, ich finde man hört das an ihrem Englisch auch ziemlich raus

  77. Daryn _world

    Daryn _world

    Mese fa

    I love my German people 😝

  78. Alba & Loren

    Alba & Loren

    Mese fa

    Great workout videos Pamela what is your favorite an video of all time?

  79. Marc _abby

    Marc _abby

    Mese fa

    Man merkt das sie deutsche ist 😂 dachte erst so Whaaat dachte sie kommt aus Amerika 😂 sie hat nen bisschen Ähnlichkeit mit Xlaeta.

  80. OliTop OliTop

    OliTop OliTop

    Mese fa

    I am 12 years old and you are such an inspiration to me thank you for keeping me healthy and fit.

  81. Anika Frost

    Anika Frost

    Mese fa

    She remembers every single video shes ever done while I cant even remember what Ive had for lunch yesterday

  82. Priska Wu

    Priska Wu

    Mese fa

    Me at 8:50 : psstt it's the upper bodyyy where we tap our shoulders first thing first gurl

  83. Theresa


    Mese fa

    The last part of the video was lowkey asmr

  84. Laura Elle

    Laura Elle

    Mese fa

    where are you from? (youre veery beautiful)

  85. Liss Gray

    Liss Gray

    Mese fa

    omg I got so excited when I knew what video the first song was from

  86. Lotta Wecker

    Lotta Wecker

    Mese fa

    English pamela : " let's" German pamela: "start" Ily💞💖

  87. Lilo Vani

    Lilo Vani

    Mese fa

    She knows which workout she was doing to a certain music.I don't even know which exercises i was doing two minutes ago 😂

  88. Simona Buonavolontà

    Simona Buonavolontà

    Mese fa

    omg she looks so sweet😍

  89. Mickie mouse

    Mickie mouse

    Mese fa

    What band is your top ?

  90. Siluni Sigera

    Siluni Sigera

    Mese fa

    bHooTy lol😂

  91. Viktorie Kaděrová

    Viktorie Kaděrová

    Mese fa

    I love you,because you are the best and I train great with you.

  92. SassyBearXX


    Mese fa

    my friend told me about you im so glad she did i love your workouts💖

  93. Valeria Estella

    Valeria Estella

    Mese fa

    Bin ganz neu auf Insta: gig.ibee✨

  94. She Gameplays

    She Gameplays

    Mese fa

    I loves the #1 song video

  95. Shanna Daraiche

    Shanna Daraiche

    Mese fa


  96. J J

    J J

    Mese fa


  97. new day

    new day

    Mese fa

    Quit the opposite the 10 minutes full body workout is my favorite

  98. IJEC 30

    IJEC 30

    Mese fa

    I want Pamela to have a clog channel!

  99. Eva-Liz Juus

    Eva-Liz Juus

    Mese fa

    I saw that chair workout once in my recommended, but it looked ...evil, so I skipped it. I think Its time to face the devil now, I’m curious about it now.

  100. Fire gloryy

    Fire gloryy

    Mese fa

    Awww!!!!? She is so cuteeeeeee😍😍😍😍😍😍

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