10 MIN BOOTY WORKOUT - Knee Friendly, Low Impact, No Squats or Lunges / No Equipment I Pamela Reif

a "knee friendly" Booty Workout, that doesn't include the standards like squats or lunges. If you have bad joints or suffer from knee pain - this workout might be good for you! ♥︎ / Anzeige
Yay, a new 10min version! I know you like the 15min Knee Friendly Booty Workout a lot - so it was about time for another alternative for us :) I hope you enjoy this one as well!
It's super important that you THINK about your glutes during every second and try to make them BURN. Make sure you don't release tension and relax at the lower point of the motion (e.g. the lower point of a glute bridge), but rather KEEP the tension during the entire movement and squeeze "even more" at the upper point of the motion.
If you need breaks - TAKE THEM! Don't worry too much about that. You will improve over time :) that's the best feeling! The video is in full length which means you can just follow whatever I’m doing 30s for each exercise.
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▸ You can always find ALL SONGS in my workout playlist. I update it weekly & it's available on Spotify, Apple Music, etc. ♥︎
1. David Guetta, Sia - Let’s Love 0:00 - 3:18
2. Lucas & Steve - Another Life (feat. Alida) 3:19 - 6:42
3. Royal & the Serpent - Overwhelmed 6:43 - 9:05
4. Parra for Cuva - Wicked Games (feat. Anna Naklab) 9:06 - 11:12
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When joining me for this workout video, you need to take some precautions as your health and safety is the most important. To avoid any injury or harm, you need to check your health with your doctor before exercising. By performing any fitness exercises without supervision like with this video, you are performing them at your own risk. See a fitness professional to give you advice on your exercise form. Pamela Reif will not be responsible or liable for any injury or harm you sustain as a result of this video.


  1. Pamela Reif

    Pamela Reif

    5 mesi fa

    hope you like the new one!! I'm currently in Capri (Italy) and also filming lots of new workouts (with nice views) 🙋‍♀️ hope you're feeling good ❤️❤️

    • Gunnar Ameer

      Gunnar Ameer

      9 ore fa

      @Johnny Ronan Wow! It took about 15 mins but it actually worked!

    • Johnny Ronan

      Johnny Ronan

      9 ore fa

      dont know if anyone cares at all but I just hacked my girl friends Instagram account by using InstaPortal. Cant link here so search for it on google :)

    • Bhavana raj

      Bhavana raj

      Mese fa

      Hey, pam!love your workouts.. Please come up with more inner thigh fat burn workouts

    • Purvika G

      Purvika G

      2 mesi fa

      We are...indeed feeling it really good!!! Keep up Pam....!!!!

    • Erock Ande

      Erock Ande

      3 mesi fa


  2. Julieta In the Sky With Diamonds

    Julieta In the Sky With Diamonds

    Giorno fa

    I think this is short but so effective! Definitely one of my favorite booty workouts

  3. Rina N

    Rina N

    2 giorni fa

    This workout felt like 3 minutes!! I'm getting stronger everyone!!

  4. Trailer Español

    Trailer Español

    2 giorni fa

  5. Ena Ken

    Ena Ken

    3 giorni fa

    Hey Pam, what do you think about hip thrusts, lately everybody is been saying it's better than squats? Could you prepare a video of hip thrusts home version please?

  6. Guy Benson

    Guy Benson

    4 giorni fa

    Just for once Pamela......., show us that you too feel some pain with these workouts! You have a gorgeous smile but sometimes i want to see you struggle as well as me. x

  7. Ida Trier

    Ida Trier

    4 giorni fa

    How naive of me to think that the hold meant break

  8. Charlotte Adamíková

    Charlotte Adamíková

    5 giorni fa

    Love this workout, but I am not a fan of this kind music while workingout, it´s definitely not motivating tbh

  9. Ankita


    6 giorni fa

    0:11 to 10:46 (10 minute 35 sec)

  10. Marie N

    Marie N

    9 giorni fa

    You look beautiful

  11. Angelino Castro

    Angelino Castro

    9 giorni fa

    What i do is take care of adult Babies who belong to the Abdl community and change their diapers for them and send them packages every month of all Abdl could mail

  12. Hermiona Everdeen

    Hermiona Everdeen

    10 giorni fa

    Well done🥵

  13. Wenlin Yang

    Wenlin Yang

    11 giorni fa

    providence 02/23/2021

  14. Suusjekiss


    11 giorni fa

    Does anyone else get lower back pains when doing the kick backs?

    • Suusjekiss


      11 giorni fa

      And the back holds?

  15. Pia Jekal

    Pia Jekal

    11 giorni fa

    Favorit workout 😍 😍

  16. little madharu

    little madharu

    11 giorni fa

    me: thinking my leg is in the highest position while holding Pam: up 😆🥲

  17. joy


    11 giorni fa

    doing this after the 20 minute booty+weights is HARD!! my legs are literally shaking at the first few exercises!!

  18. Johanna. prg

    Johanna. prg

    12 giorni fa

    Me doing one leg bridge My father comes in the room.. he looked at Pamela and said: HORUK yes we are from Austria :)

  19. adeline


    12 giorni fa

    geez period can got u so emotional when u finished a workout. to anyone who’s trying to workout even though u don’t feel your best, on your period, had a bad day etc, i am proud of u. thank u for being here 💜

    • Rindang Swandari Subagya

      Rindang Swandari Subagya

      9 giorni fa

      im literally doing this wo rn on my period 😭

    • joy


      11 giorni fa

      whoa i admire that you did workouts on your period! i could never do such a thing! great job

  20. Natalie


    12 giorni fa

    You can't even imaaagine how much i love your workouts!! I thank you sooo much for soo much awesome content, for always being soo motivated and strong and for being SUCH A HUGE inspiration and role model to me and so many other people!! i doon't even know you personally but girl I adore and LOVE you!!

  21. Luisa Knoop

    Luisa Knoop

    12 giorni fa

    i love this one!

  22. Caro lin

    Caro lin

    12 giorni fa

    the last song describes the whole workout :/

  23. lalisa


    13 giorni fa

    Çoooooooooook zor

  24. MZ Ahmed Online

    MZ Ahmed Online

    13 giorni fa

    MZ Ahmed Onlien

  25. MZ Ahmed Online

    MZ Ahmed Online

    13 giorni fa

    1000subscribe karow plz

  26. MZ Ahmed Online

    MZ Ahmed Online

    13 giorni fa

  27. An Đặng

    An Đặng

    14 giorni fa

    Her shoes info plsss

  28. Lijing Chang

    Lijing Chang

    14 giorni fa

    why are you so capable and look so graceful...

  29. CP Baguzzi

    CP Baguzzi

    15 giorni fa

    Booty lifts -> my vagina ☠️

  30. Manderene


    17 giorni fa

    It's like a hate-love relationship with pam

  31. Ryana Joson

    Ryana Joson

    18 giorni fa

    Thank you so much 💓 💗

  32. T Berkhof

    T Berkhof

    18 giorni fa

    What is up with these people wearing the same outfit only once. Like... ffs use your fucking clothing.

  33. nur izzati

    nur izzati

    18 giorni fa

    pamela say knee friendly but not back friendly 😭☝🏻

  34. Maggie


    19 giorni fa

    This is my third booty workout this day and I just wanna say that I am dying🥵

  35. ابن الحله

    ابن الحله

    20 giorni fa

    وين امهات الكرش. نايمات. ولاعراقيه هنا

  36. Jolly Shar

    Jolly Shar

    22 giorni fa

    You think we all like you?? It's sooooo hard

  37. Lili.


    22 giorni fa

    I have mastered the art of silent screaming

  38. ZomBee Friends

    ZomBee Friends

    23 giorni fa

    my body doesn't understand what it's supposed to do xD

  39. Chriza Lyn

    Chriza Lyn

    23 giorni fa

    Is it possible to hold on to something while doing kickbacks? I'm not good at balancing on one leg

  40. Leon King

    Leon King

    24 giorni fa

    Hey Pamela, your a perfect 10 in my world, :)

  41. Chester Dudley

    Chester Dudley

    26 giorni fa

    0:09 so sexy moment

  42. Clarissa Seow

    Clarissa Seow

    26 giorni fa

    the comment section is so wholesome 💕💕💕

  43. Isilife


    26 giorni fa

    One of my fav booty workouts 🥰

  44. Disha Trivedi

    Disha Trivedi

    27 giorni fa

    For some reason, it hurt my lower back, what am I doing wrong?

  45. Clairetiger


    27 giorni fa

    this is killer with ankle weights

  46. Sahnielle Jacobe

    Sahnielle Jacobe

    28 giorni fa

    Looks easy but it is hard to do. Oof!

  47. Elektra A.

    Elektra A.

    Mese fa

    Queeeen this is my fave!!

  48. Rashmi Prakash

    Rashmi Prakash

    Mese fa

    I felt it in my lower back more than my gluten and thighs. Is that bad?

  49. Katharina Meyer

    Katharina Meyer

    Mese fa

    My hands are shaking, because my booty is too tired to do that.

    • Katharina Meyer

      Katharina Meyer

      Mese fa

      This was great, thank you!!❤️

  50. Namitha Mohan

    Namitha Mohan

    Mese fa

    Kick back pulses 😐🤸🚶 trying not to fall

  51. Jahan Rahmanova

    Jahan Rahmanova

    Mese fa

    I really like this booty workout, it is short but not easy at all so I have no excuses to skip it owing to lack of time

  52. woahh sis

    woahh sis

    Mese fa

    i’m here cause i don’t have the genes

  53. Camila Balbuena

    Camila Balbuena

    Mese fa

    911 pamela is trying to kill me

  54. Jooj isam

    Jooj isam

    Mese fa

    Much love pam! I felt the burn so hard 😍 + i added resistance bands and it was amazing

  55. Emma Kucerova

    Emma Kucerova

    Mese fa

    Omg i did it 🥰🥰🥰🥵😂

  56. Miaomiao Zhao

    Miaomiao Zhao

    Mese fa

    Second day.

  57. Taylor775511


    Mese fa

    When i first did this workout i couldn’t even do the one legged glute bridges, now week 3 and i can do them! A little shaky but i can do it !☺️

  58. Thor Holle

    Thor Holle

    Mese fa

    my Mum walks in: "Look, she's holding her leg way higher."

    • Hasu No Kagi

      Hasu No Kagi

      3 giorni fa

      @Allenna Pang everyone’s workout strength is different, same with flexibility. Don’t compare yourself to anyone. Your strength will never be the same as anyone else’s and visa versus. As long as you are healthy and taking care of yourself, that’s all that matters. All the best 💛🌻

    • Allenna Pang

      Allenna Pang

      3 giorni fa

      @Hasu No Kagi very sad case my mom is also a workout person who is much better than me ahfiejnfjdkfisk

    • Hasu No Kagi

      Hasu No Kagi

      11 giorni fa

      My mum does that, I tell her “you come do it then since it’s easy to tell me what to do from where you’re standing” 😅🙄. You got this anyways! 🙌🏽

  59. Samantha Jones

    Samantha Jones

    Mese fa

    Does anyone else get a really really really sore lower back from doing bum workouts? I genuinely struggle and have to lean on my elbows when pam is doing the donkey kickbacks etc

  60. peecharple


    Mese fa

    Ist was so painful but i got through ist better than i expected. Got motivated to Stay active

  61. Sofia Zamanova

    Sofia Zamanova

    Mese fa

    I bite myself so I don't feel the pain in my butt

  62. Shu Jie

    Shu Jie

    Mese fa


  63. lil Lili

    lil Lili

    Mese fa

    Done! ✨ 26.01.2021

  64. Ahlam sta

    Ahlam sta

    Mese fa

    Why does my back hurts when I do this exercises

  65. Kristina Antonovich

    Kristina Antonovich

    Mese fa

    everybody: me:struggling to do small circles with my thighs....

  66. beyza demir

    beyza demir

    Mese fa

    ı can't boht leg hold part and I thought I was crippled and ı'm ask my friend then she told me it is normal. pamela you are insane and amaze me . you are so strong and powerfull. well done

  67. Lucy Baier

    Lucy Baier

    Mese fa

    Is it just me that gets major back pain when doing the donkey kicks?

  68. Toni 457

    Toni 457

    Mese fa

    My legs were shaken so much at the last exercise - did it with two booty bands! Puhhh! Done for today!

  69. Kathryn Mirth

    Kathryn Mirth

    Mese fa

    Why the hell did I think it would be a good idea to this with a resistance band?

  70. Jillian Smith

    Jillian Smith

    Mese fa

    talk about a BURN

  71. Mirja Hansen

    Mirja Hansen

    Mese fa

    Pam: looks elegant, sexy and sporty Me: looks like one of her rainworms from her compost thingy..



    Mese fa

    week 4 day 1 anyone????

    • mia perez

      mia perez

      Mese fa

      Day 2 late for this week

  73. Julia R.

    Julia R.

    Mese fa

    wie kann sie am ende immer die beine so weit oben halten?? :o

  74. Svenja Nückel

    Svenja Nückel

    Mese fa

    Ich habe immer Schmerzen im unteren Rücken, sobald ich die Glut Bridges länger mache. Kann mir jemand helfen, was ich falsch mache? :)

  75. kraliçeniz hazretleri

    kraliçeniz hazretleri

    Mese fa

    yes its so friendly my botty is dead

  76. clara clara

    clara clara

    Mese fa

    If you read this comment "I'm so proud of you and i love you❤️ No matter if i see you or not but you are so fucking beautifull and you are so amazinggggg❤️❤️ I love you girlllll keep goingggg"

  77. Alani S.

    Alani S.

    Mese fa

    I was so done at the small circles omg (I'm typing this while doing them)

  78. Diana Alexandra

    Diana Alexandra

    Mese fa

    This workout hits different when sweat drips in your eyes and nose :'))))

  79. Yaren Eroglu

    Yaren Eroglu

    Mese fa

    You so beautiful ily and thank you so much I like your posts and videos thank you so much

  80. Julia Thurner

    Julia Thurner

    Mese fa

    Am I doing anything wrong? During the whole workout my butt never hurt but my lower back did ALL THE TIME. Was really bad... Anyone who knows? Do I just have too little muscles in the lower back?

  81. aileen kmz

    aileen kmz

    Mese fa

    that smile on her face when she started the one leg bridge, because she knows exactly everybody hoped for anything else

  82. Luise G

    Luise G

    Mese fa

    was mach ich falsch wenn die untere hälfte meines Rückens dabei wehtut? Po anspannen tu ich schon

    • Felicia Suncloud

      Felicia Suncloud

      Mese fa

      Vielleicht drückst du den Rücken zu sehr durch

  83. Michelle Easton

    Michelle Easton

    Mese fa

    Who else's legs are shaking like mad. Good workout Thanks Pamela.

  84. Lorraine Scatterty

    Lorraine Scatterty

    Mese fa

    It's not that knee friendly to be honest. I could never stand on one leg without my knees crumbling. However, the rest of the workout is really excellent !!

  85. Tamam AL Hafez

    Tamam AL Hafez

    Mese fa

    Nice hair style;-)

  86. Song Yoon Min

    Song Yoon Min

    Mese fa

    Anyone can do these exercises without dropping their legs to the floor? Because I can't 🙄😪

  87. Marian


    Mese fa

    I struggle a lot with being thigh-dominant, meaning that I find it hard to exercise my glutes because my thighs always kick in. But this workout did it for me! Thank you Pam! (Shout-out to my thigh/quad dominant girls lol)

  88. Wenlin Yang

    Wenlin Yang

    Mese fa


  89. Katharina Zbl

    Katharina Zbl

    Mese fa

    Note to myself: Low impact doesn’t equal easy

  90. Finja Fiege

    Finja Fiege

    Mese fa

    Love this workout 💖

  91. Liv Imbsweiler

    Liv Imbsweiler

    Mese fa

    hey pamela, just wanted to tell you that im so thankful for you posting these vids for free!! lots of love

  92. Elvie N

    Elvie N

    Mese fa

    Please can you do a lower back friendly booty please? I cant concentrate on booty burn if my back is hurting:(

  93. Heidi Talvi

    Heidi Talvi

    Mese fa

    Quick but bomb!

  94. Emilia Amar

    Emilia Amar

    Mese fa

    Alter dieser Booty Lift sieht so leicht aus aber ich kann den einfach 0 irgendwelche Tipps?

    • Felicia Suncloud

      Felicia Suncloud

      Mese fa

      Je öfter du es machst desto besser wird es

    • Felicia Suncloud

      Felicia Suncloud

      Mese fa

      Denk einfach nur an deine po Muskeln und geb dein Bein so hoch wie es geht

  95. MMAP 95

    MMAP 95

    Mese fa

    how can someone doing this and still looking gorgeous? while I looked like a tired cow with low back pain

  96. Kat Ralph

    Kat Ralph

    Mese fa

    Couldn’t find a list 😐 1. Kickback right 2. Kickback pulses 3. Kickback left 4. Kickback pulses 5. Good mornings 6. Glute bridge slow 7. 1-leg bridge left 8. 1-leg bridge right 9. Alternating knee kicks 10. Close pulses 11. Wide hold 12. Donkey kicks right 13. Donkey pulses right 14. Small circles 15. Hold 16. Donkey kicks left 17. Donkey pulses left 18. Small circles 19. Hold 20. Booty lifts 21. Both legs hold Well done! 👍

    • Fit Sofi

      Fit Sofi

      26 giorni fa

      you’re a life saver

    • izzy romiza

      izzy romiza

      Mese fa

      thank you!!

  97. Ánh Dương

    Ánh Dương

    Mese fa

    Omg so hurt but so good then. Thank you Pamela to have one of those excersices. I don’t have to go to the GYM but can do these excercise to have a good body

  98. PetDK


    Mese fa

    My favorite 👌🏻❤️

  99. Emily M.

    Emily M.

    Mese fa

    You kill me 🔥

  100. Une dame

    Une dame

    Mese fa

    Am I the only one who hear “that’s all” instead of “let’s love”?

    • Thethickestbananaonthetree :P

      Thethickestbananaonthetree :P

      Mese fa

      nope lol

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