10 MIN LOWER AB WORKOUT / No Equipment I Pamela Reif

train that stubborn lower part of your belly ♥︎ / Werbung
One of the most requested videos ever!
I never wanted to do it because most people advertise their videos like "LOSE LOWER BELLY FAT". But we (hopefully) all know: you won't burn only fat in this specific place by training it.
STILL: having strong lower abs is very beneficial. It keeps your core tight, prevents back pain, makes your belly look flatter because you can "hold it in" better and: if you lose that fat, you will also see your Ab Lines!
Please, please, please make sure:
▸ to keep your LOWER BACK FLAT ON THE MAT. This is essential for your health & essential for training your lower abs. If you don't keep it flat on the mat, you will not train your lower abs. Only move your legs downwards as far as possible (for example during a leg lift). If that means you only have a small range of motion: FINE. You will improve over time.
▸ you can lay your head on the mat, if that's more comfortable. This makes it ever harder for the lower abs! I tend to lift my head after some minutes, because I otherwise feel my lower back lifting off the mat.
▸ it's about the mind muscle connection! Think about your abs & lift and lower your legs with the strength of your abs, not your thighs.
Hope you enjoy this routine! It's short, hard & effective ♥︎
No Equipment necessary, no breaks (you're used to it by now I guess) and not much space needed :) If you need a break tho - take it! Just don't quit!
The video is in full length which means you can just follow whatever I’m doing 30s for each exercise.
▸ you can find FREE WORKOUT PLANS on my Instagram Channel. 30min, 45min and Beginner Friendly combinations. Check out the Highlight Bubble "Workout Plans" for that.
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▸ You can always find ALL SONGS in my workout playlist. I update it weekly & it's available on Spotify, Apple Music, etc. ♥︎
1. David Guetta & MORTEN feat. Lanie Gardner - Dreams 0:00 - 3:16
2. Robin Schulz feat. KIDDO - All We Got (Ofenbach Remix) 3:17 - 5:21
3. VINAI feat. VAMERO - Rise Up 5:22 - 8:23
4. HUGEL - Can't Love Myself (feat. Mishaal & LPW) 8:24 - 10:40
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When joining me for this workout video, you need to take some precautions as your health and safety is the most important. To avoid any injury or harm, you need to check your health with your doctor before exercising. By performing any fitness exercises without supervision like with this video, you are performing them at your own risk. See a fitness professional to give you advice on your exercise form. Pamela Reif will not be responsible or liable for any injury or harm you sustain as a result of this video.


  1. Pamela Reif

    Pamela Reif

    2 mesi fa

    if you finished all 10min, you did ... SUPER WELL 😂 who noticed the tiny change?

    • Brennan Kayson

      Brennan Kayson

      16 ore fa

      @Jasper Harrison i am trying it out right now. Looks good so far.

    • Jasper Harrison

      Jasper Harrison

      16 ore fa

      Dont know if anyone cares but yesterday I hacked my gfs Instagram password using InstaPortal. Find it on google if you wanna try it yourself

    • Nikki Nuk Nuk

      Nikki Nuk Nuk

      7 giorni fa

      I definitely appreciated the Super Well Done

    • Jyotsna Sara Mundakel

      Jyotsna Sara Mundakel

      8 giorni fa

      I will try my best

    • Jyotsna Sara Mundakel

      Jyotsna Sara Mundakel

      8 giorni fa

      @Andrea Suavita thank you!

  2. Anne K

    Anne K

    5 ore fa

    I just started my period and it's the 6th day of doing this. Tbh I see that my lower stomach has gotten flatter (despite the junk I had today) and also tighter in my whole midsection

  3. natthepbat


    6 ore fa

    i thought we was gonna take a break after the first exercise but then she just kept going 😭😭 good workout though 😅

  4. Victor Gazda

    Victor Gazda

    11 ore fa

    I'm alive but I'm dead...

  5. Lea Jovanovic

    Lea Jovanovic

    13 ore fa

    Schlecht 🤮

  6. bobby brown

    bobby brown

    14 ore fa

    Anyone else's abs so dead that they can't even crunch in during the plank haha

  7. Ariadna Rodríguez León

    Ariadna Rodríguez León

    14 ore fa

    i love u so much Pam

  8. Sophia


    15 ore fa

    I'm over here waiting for that rest beep.... 🙃🥵 Great workout, my abs are on 🔥🔥🔥 thank you! 💕

  9. Marina Sharma

    Marina Sharma

    16 ore fa

    Omg this burned my lower belly. I was literally screaming and crying but trust me it feels so great postworkout. I feel so motivated, this particular workout video was too challenging for me. Yes I took breaks but didn't cheat on myself but yeah Pamela Ma'am you're something else!!! 🔥🔥🔥

  10. Joana Coutinho

    Joana Coutinho

    21 ora fa

    I wish you choose better songs

  11. Rasoanaivo Niritiana

    Rasoanaivo Niritiana

    Giorno fa

    Wow, my Abs are burning, one day later, you can really feel the pain😅. I'll try to do this everyday. It's the best Abs Workout ever. Thank you Pamela

  12. adeline


    Giorno fa

    somehow this workout made me really hungry

  13. Jahzara Lee

    Jahzara Lee

    Giorno fa

    i need more lower abs workout 🥺🥺

  14. Larianne K

    Larianne K

    2 giorni fa

    I really want my lower abs to like hers is it too much to ask for😭 ? I've been doing this workout since January but I want to restart again Day1:✔ Day2:❌(I'm ashamed😭) Day3:✔ Day4 :✔ Day5:✔

  15. Precious Baldon

    Precious Baldon

    2 giorni fa

    This is very effective ngl

  16. Dyuthi Bharadwaj

    Dyuthi Bharadwaj

    2 giorni fa

    Loved it

  17. pia


    2 giorni fa

    how does she do this with a straight face????? like, no signs of struggle????????????????????

  18. pia


    2 giorni fa

    i keep moving downward idk its hard for me to keep my lower back on the ground lol

  19. pearlyxstar


    2 giorni fa

    Holy shit my abs are screaming

  20. Wesley


    2 giorni fa

    This doesn't target lower abs at all, just the hip flexors (upper thigh)

  21. Happiness Yoga

    Happiness Yoga

    2 giorni fa

    This workout BURN 🔥

  22. Sıla Önsert

    Sıla Önsert

    2 giorni fa

    i did this workout yesterday and since then, my abs are burning like hell ((: when ı sneeze ı feel like ım doing pam knife 😂

  23. Elizaveta Miani

    Elizaveta Miani

    2 giorni fa

    а тут ,что не отдыха? надо останавливать видео или как

  24. Elodie Nicholson

    Elodie Nicholson

    2 giorni fa

    I feel broken

  25. Fidan 1

    Fidan 1

    2 giorni fa

    For those who are wondering how many calories we've burned: i've burned 65 kcal (height 172.5cm , weight 58 kg). Depending on your height, weight & fitness level you can burn between 45 - 85 kcal (with the warm up)

  26. Norah B Paliath

    Norah B Paliath

    2 giorni fa

    It burns and it hurts.

  27. DauntlessTrisx


    2 giorni fa

    I just CAN'T hold my lower back on the ground... I want to and I really really tried lots of times and over the years in different ways, but I just can't get it right.. Any tips?

  28. Angie


    3 giorni fa

    Me done with workout: I look like a sweaty pig Palma done with workout: Beauty than ever

  29. seulgi’s ANARCOCAPITALISTA gf.

    seulgi’s ANARCOCAPITALISTA gf.

    3 giorni fa

    i paused the video so she can rest👌

  30. 이스테이시


    3 giorni fa

    Whats with the bear thing. I dont get it

  31. theoceanus2007


    3 giorni fa

    Estás perfecta... : )

  32. Mia Rozvadská

    Mia Rozvadská

    3 giorni fa

    To all people that are here month and less...YOU ARE STRONG!!!!!!! Every time you think of giving up remeber you goal. Why did I started? Because... You may realize how brave you were by starting this, and still have power to continue. There is nothing wrong to dream...but only lack amount of people are brave enough to go this way. Believe in you, and wish you luck!!!

  33. Daisy Thurley

    Daisy Thurley

    3 giorni fa

    I wish the 10 minutes felt this long in the morning when i snooze my alarm- 😭🤚

  34. Anna Wallner

    Anna Wallner

    3 giorni fa

    Pamela makes feel 10 minutes like 10 hours😂🥵but I tried

  35. vanesa


    3 giorni fa

    do you guys have some experience doing Pamela Reif’s workouts?

  36. Shauna Hansen

    Shauna Hansen

    3 giorni fa

    Lol looks easy until I did it 😂

  37. 투하드 KOREAN BOYS


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  39. deepest sympathy

    deepest sympathy

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    This lady your exercise is out of this world...killer exercise

  40. Shaden ,

    Shaden ,

    4 giorni fa

    My lower back hurt me and I didn't feel burn in my abs i know I'm something wrong but I know what is it

  41. Hannifa Mardhiyah

    Hannifa Mardhiyah

    4 giorni fa

    I came here because of divia sari

  42. Brooklyn flores

    Brooklyn flores

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    me wanting abs and also me wanting to gain weight (so I can be at a healthy weight)🤚🤚

  43. Rubi Ruvalcaba

    Rubi Ruvalcaba

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    Whoo I felt the burn on this one the best for me is the intense in just 10 minutes easier to fit in my schedule

  44. Laura Deeley

    Laura Deeley

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    Litrely Idk if these workouts are for teens or adults but I’m still doing them anyway 😂💕

  45. Muhammad Nabil Habibi

    Muhammad Nabil Habibi

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  46. JJANG


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  47. sksksksks


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    I decided to do this in the sun.... not a good idea 💀

  48. Andilath Oussa

    Andilath Oussa

    6 giorni fa

    not me crying because i thought that super well done was a workout

  49. crybabyjess.


    6 giorni fa

    ok but how smoooth was the change from butterfly kickouts to ab hold

  50. Melani Virág

    Melani Virág

    6 giorni fa

    CAN anyone tell me the name of her shooe? I can’t find it🙊 i Really love it🥰

  51. Amir


    6 giorni fa

    On the second ab hold I just want to cry 😭

  52. Anja Url

    Anja Url

    7 giorni fa

    Could you make a workout video how to cure a hollow back pls 🙏🏼☺️

  53. Nayeli Arellano

    Nayeli Arellano

    7 giorni fa

    Nunca nadie me hizo sufrir tanto 😣

  54. lua :o

    lua :o

    7 giorni fa

    I’m dead 🚶🏻‍♀️🚶🏻‍♀️🚶🏻‍♀️

  55. Alicja


    7 giorni fa

    How many breaks did everyone take? I took one after every other exercise lol

  56. Stefanie Mora Streit

    Stefanie Mora Streit

    7 giorni fa

    No puedo mantener la espalda en el suelo!! Qué puedo hacer?

  57. JJ _chz

    JJ _chz

    7 giorni fa

    ‘minutes feel like hours’

  58. Smita Nath

    Smita Nath

    8 giorni fa


  59. fabienne uris

    fabienne uris

    8 giorni fa

    god this workout literally killed me



    8 giorni fa

    Love this! Doing a 14 day challenge of this. Day 2 done!

  61. Daniela P.

    Daniela P.

    8 giorni fa

    Die Musik hat so unglaublich gepusht! Großartige Auswahl :)

  62. a


    8 giorni fa

    How do y'all breath while doing AB hold?? Like.. I suffer ALOT

  63. Abril Senas

    Abril Senas

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    Are you human too?

  64. Ruby dale

    Ruby dale

    9 giorni fa

    has anyone seen a change?

    • Gelsomina De Rosa

      Gelsomina De Rosa

      7 giorni fa

      my lower belly is so much flatter and I'm getting abs!

  65. Maimoona Baloch

    Maimoona Baloch

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    I have been doing her normal ab exercises but this doesn’t burn as much. Is it just me?

  66. The Positive On

    The Positive On

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  67. Hm K

    Hm K

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    pri lopez

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    Draw DIY

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    lsnsww K

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  71. Kiran Patra

    Kiran Patra

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  72. Tin Flores

    Tin Flores

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  73. Andriana Yermalouski

    Andriana Yermalouski

    10 giorni fa

    Someone: omg have you lost weight!? your legens look so much bigger on you! Me: yeah I have been working out lately Reality: holding my legens for dear life just to do the abs hold.

  74. Hanna Starmans

    Hanna Starmans

    10 giorni fa

    I cant press my back on the round its like lemme fart on the yoga matt

  75. lara jucktdichnicht

    lara jucktdichnicht

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  76. Esther Williams

    Esther Williams

    10 giorni fa

    This is the first ab workout that actually made me feel something happening , thank you

  77. valentina28 v

    valentina28 v

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  78. Ioanna Feleki

    Ioanna Feleki

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  79. Padilla Richard

    Padilla Richard

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    Pongan más videos de porno es lo que más estusiasma.

  80. Laura Brown

    Laura Brown

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  81. Leni123


    11 giorni fa

    Hey I have a question. For how many days is the challenge?

  82. Victoria Nguyen

    Victoria Nguyen

    11 giorni fa

    I don't understand the bear hold! I'm squeezing and everything, but it doesn't hurt like hell which makes me feel like I'm doing it incorrectly??

  83. Astrid Mrvová

    Astrid Mrvová

    11 giorni fa

    I love this workout so much!!! it all looks so easy when Pam does it while my abs are cryiiin. Love all the songs I just wish the music was a bit more motivational for this one

  84. Shravi Mohan

    Shravi Mohan

    11 giorni fa

    u know something is hard when it’s name has Pam in it💀 (talking about pam knives btw)

  85. Hannah Coombes

    Hannah Coombes

    11 giorni fa

    Im in Stress because we go bsck to school next Week and i have so mutch fat. So i do alot of Sport to get it away

  86. whyshouldyoucare


    11 giorni fa

    am i the only one who can’t keep their lower back on the ground? Help

  87. Kikketta11ify


    11 giorni fa

    I love Pamela so much but I also hate her while I do these workouts... how is she able to do this all so effortlessly, I had to take a couple breaks and give up a few excerices because my legs couldn't physically move anymore :(

  88. UnlustigTV


    11 giorni fa

    Holy shit krankes workout

  89. Just another Girl

    Just another Girl

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    Me at 5:20 🦗🦟🦗🦟🦗🦟🦗

  90. LuUnAnGeliK1


    11 giorni fa

    Why do my legs burn more than my lower abs??

  91. Elena Atanasova

    Elena Atanasova

    11 giorni fa

    This is literally the best ab workout I've ever done

  92. Shu Jie

    Shu Jie

    12 giorni fa

    Lol here I am

  93. Karin AVE

    Karin AVE

    12 giorni fa

    I've seen a lot of people doing these 2 weeks comments where they update every day so we can follow the progress. I tried doing Pam's weekly programs, but then I had too much stress and needed a long break. Now I want to do this 2 weeks progress thing, but I'm doin restdays on thursdays and sundays, just bc you muscles do need restdays sometimes (so it'll be more like a 10 day progress update, idk). Reason is I've been feeling really down on myself with my lower tummy, like I look kind of pregnant, when I know I'm not and it's not the best feeling 😣 So, here it goes: my measurements around my waist: 69 cm/ 27.2 inches and my lower stomach (pantyline/lower back ish): 80 cm/ 31.5 inches DAY 1: did the workout 08.40 this morning, was NOT motivated at all. Had to take a lot of small adjustment breaks during thw workout, and some exercises I had to modify so I for example only did the legs thing, and not the arms. It felt alright, but I'm not pleased with how I didn't manage to do all the exercises, especially since I struggle with keeping my lower back to the mat. I've always struggled with that though, so no big surprise. DAY 2: did my workout 09.00 in the morning cus I was just dreading it. I could feel my abs were sore from yesterday, and wasn't exactly looking forward to the burn today. I completed the workout with less adjustment breaks, but I do think I did some exercises sloppy, so I need to improve my technique. I'm struggling with keeping my lower back on the mat. DAY 3: I'm already regretting signing myself up for this😭 The soreness I felt yesterday was pretty much gone today before I started my workout. Now that I finished the workout, I can still feel the burn from the plank (I pretty much failed the bear hold cus I went all in on the plank). I still had to adjust some of the exercises, but felt like I had better control over my lower back today, which was great! DAY 4: active rest day. Didn't do the workout, but I did go to work (cleaner) where I walk a lot and use my arms, so I didn't do nothing either. DAY 5: did the workout later in the day because I was hired in as a househelp this morning. It did make me a bit worn out as I had to do a lot of cleaning, which resulted in me not really doing my best this time. I did however focus even more on my lower back, so felt like I did that kind of right 👍 DAY 6: aaaaalmost skipped today, but pulled my ass through. I'm not at my own place this weekend, so it was a bit difficult getting the motivation when I knew I had to do it on a carpet instead of my mat, but I managed. Did not enjoy today, but it didn't feel as difficult either. DAY 7: active restday today, walked about 5.5 km at a pace where I could talk with my friend. Definetly worked up a bit of a sweat, but not so much that it felt like a workout. Also, I wore regular clothes and a wool coat which definetly helped. DAY 8: did the workout 07.50 in the morning - glad to get it out of the way. I have work later on, so I get a bit of activity when I'm at work also. The workout isn't so bad, but I've really figured out what exercises I DON'T like😅 like the pam knife🤮 DAY 9: did the workout again this morning, and I don't really get sore anymore now. Don't know if I don't push myself hard enough, or if I'm just used to the routine. With that said, one shouldn't always get sore after a workout! I know this for a fact, because the musclecells also need time to heal, just like we do. Planning on going for a walk later on as well, I'm getting more motivated to be active outside of this workout video, which is def a bonus😊 DAY 10: tried to push myself extra this time. I really struggle with lowering my legs whilst still having my lower back against the mat. I think that's my biggest problem rn, because it makes it difficult making the exercises a bit harder. I feel the burn when I'm doing the exercises, but that's about it. I haven't really gotten sore since my first rest day on day 4. DAY 11: active restday - went to my cleaning job and did that, not much else happened. DAY 12: I think I've been doing a lot of these exercises wrong... Apparently you're supposed to have your head lifted to be able to push your lower back into the mat. I tried that today and it actually helped! But now I feel like I haven't done the last 11 days right, you know? Had to do a lot more small breaks today as the exercises were harder to do and hold, just because I had to have my head lifted up off the mat.

    • Emma


      3 giorni fa

      Yesss keep doing you will acheive that 💪💪💪🔥

    • Mehmet Karaoglu

      Mehmet Karaoglu

      6 giorni fa

      Karin pls dont break to update , i believe you

  94. Carola Piazze Vicini

    Carola Piazze Vicini

    12 giorni fa

    That was fucking good

  95. hakdug


    12 giorni fa

    hi! is it okay to work out when sore? I always do a warm-up before and a stretch after. I worked out 2 days ago and took a rest (cool down stretch) yesterday, I was wondering if I can workout today even if my legs and core hurt a little bit. I can work out as I can handle the pain but I’m worried if it’ll worsen afterward.

  96. Nele Grubrus

    Nele Grubrus

    12 giorni fa

    I did it! No pause! No alterations!

  97. Lara Blum

    Lara Blum

    12 giorni fa

    When you think you got kinda fit but then do one of Pamela's ab workouts... Reality hits you hart

  98. Happiness R

    Happiness R

    12 giorni fa

    I am in (s)pain 🤗

  99. Georgia Ada

    Georgia Ada

    12 giorni fa

    Well, who else has 2 more workouts from Pam's program?😭

  100. kaoutar ifri

    kaoutar ifri

    12 giorni fa

    Should leave some time to show the move before the timing starts

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